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Maggie Grace first 'butt' nude scene clip is now at Recapped site.


* 34-years old ice queen January Jones goes topless in Sweetwater. Here is her explanation why she did her first nude scene which should be heeded by all newcomers who think dodging nudity is far more important than a good script.
(let me clarify something. No matter how good the script is - and Sweetwater is certainly not in that category - it'll never alter the fact you're a shitty actress and January is the type that floats quickly to the surface. Nice to look at though)

January Jones explains why she bares all in ‘Sweetwater’
January Jones is currently at Sundance to promote her new movie ‘Sweetwater’, with co-star Jason Isaac and boyfriend/director Logan Miller.  

In an interview with MTV, Jones explains why she decided to do racy scenes in ‘Sweetwater’, saying, “Well you know, it’s interesting, I always said that professionally, I was going to choose not to do that. But weirdly, as I got older, it didn’t become… it became sort of a non-issue.  I don’t know, I don’t know, it didn’t really bother me.  I mean, it’s kind of awkward on set, with so many people around you when you’re very vulnerable.”
January also spoke about her ‘Sweetwater’ character to EW, saying, “She reminded me of Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider, kind of dark and mean.  She has a stalking, predator type quality that I’d only really seen in male roles, and I tried to summon that up when I was playing her.”  She also talks about meeting Jason Isaacs [best known for playing Lucius Malfoy on the Harry Potter films] on the set, saying, “When I first met [Isaacs] off screen, he’s super charming and a very handsome man with very blue eyes.  But there were moments in the film when he needed to frighten me, and he did a good job. There wasn’t a lot of acting involved.”


Thirty years ago, drive-in auds would have greedily devoured the ensuing carnage, cheering as Sarah baits Josiah's henchmen by bathing topless before shooting them dead. The Millers endeavor to portray these sophomoric altercations as artfully as possible, but fancy-sounding dialogue and handsome widescreen lensing goes only so far to disguise the shallowness of the underlying material.
Sarah may have the least to answer for her past, having suffered the murder of her husband (Eduardo Noriega), the harassment of the townsfolk and a gratuitous miscarriage, which the Millers tastelessly exploit for a few less-than-mythic beauty-shots of her grieving against the sunset.

Hollywood Reporter  
In a bizarre early scene that Sergio Leone would have admired, Sarah goes into town to shop and, while trying on clothes, is ogled through a knothole by the nutty proprietor, only to get his eye poked out with an umbrella by the merciless beauty. Played to an extent for comedy, this might seem like overkill on her part, but the act does suggest something about Sarah’s past as well indicate that she might have what it takes to survive in this harsh environment.
Although the film is nicely decked out and features some distinctive moments along the way -- Jackson deliberately scratching the pretentious Josiah’s imported fine wood dining table, a topless Sarah gunning down two bad boys while bathing in a river -- most of it feels derivative and generally predictable in its eccentricities.

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SWEETWATER: aside frm a topless gun-toting January Jones and a wackadoo perf frm Ed Harris, not mch too enjoy in this revenge pic #Sundance


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